English Bulldog Heat Diapers

I recently wrote a blog post about how many times a year an English Bulldog enters her heat cycle. I received a lot of positive comments about the guide on social media, but one question kept popping up… what is the best diaper for an English Bulldog in heat?

To find out, I spoke to a number of English Bulldog owners and breeders on Facebook and ended up whittling the selection down to 3 different products. You can see the best English Bulldog heat diapers (or heat nappies for UK visitors) below, with reasons why they are the ones you should choose including both washables and disposable nappies.

Washable English Bulldog heat diapers no tail hole (view on Amazon)

If your Bully has a very short tail, I’d opt for a diaper or nappy that doesn’t have a tail hole. This means you won’t get as much bloody mess. These Washable Wonders are ideal for this, and extremely popular with English Bulldog owners.

Because they are washable, it means you can keep them and re-use them every 6 months that your girl goes into heat. They come in a range of sizes, so make sure you measure your dog’s waist and select the best ones to fit.

Disposable English Bulldog heat diapers (view on Amazon)

If you are going to have your girl spayed, she probably will stop going into a regular heat cycle. You might want to consider some disposables in that case, and the Simple Solution brand is one of the best rated on Amazon right now.

These ones have a tail hole, so will suit an English Bully who has a longer tail rather than a stumpy one. They are also ideal if you are going to be going away with your English Bulldog and won’t be able to machine wash the heat diapers.

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