Products for Blind Dogs (7 Best Things)

Products for Blind Dogs

There are many useful and unique things for blind dogs that will help your pet navigate their everyday life with ease and make their lives more fulfilling.  

If you’re new to the world of living with a blind dog, I’ve put together a list of essential products for blind dogs that will help them function more normally and live their best life. All can be purchased on Amazon.

7 Products for blind dogs

1. Muffins Blind Dog Halo

A blind dog can easily bump into stuff and hurt themselves if they have no idea where obstacles are. That’s where the Muffin’s Halo (view on Amazon) can help. 

This ring-like device, which comes in a harness that comfortably wraps around the dog’s neck, is pretty much a blind dog’s walking stick. It helps them move around comfortably without crashing into things… making it one of the best things for blind dogs I can recommend.

The Halo is positioned along your dog’s eye level and stretches slightly past the tip of their nose. 

It also has a stiff-yet-comfortable backboard that firmly holds the Halo in place, so it won’t fall forward when your dog is busy sniffing the ground. 

This backboard sits behind a dog’s neck and extends a bit beyond their shoulders. 

When your blind dog wears the Halo, you won’t have to worry about them hitting their face and shoulders on hard surfaces.

Moreover, this innovative device is a fantastic confidence booster for blind dogs. Having a Halo product for a blind dog lets them walk without fear, knowing they got something to alert them of an obstacle ahead as they walk. 

2. Blind Dog Vest Harness

Caring for a blind dog requires you to protect them from situations that can shake their confidence. This can include being approached and petted by strangers in public without warning.

Since they can’t see, blind dogs get easily startled (and even snap) if a stranger touches them out of nowhere. This can make them fearful of public places.

blind dog harness product (view on Amazon) ensures your dog doesn’t have to deal with such unwelcome surprises when out and about with you in public.  

This vest harness has labels on the front and sides clearly stating your dog is blind. It will alert people about your dog’s condition so that they can respect your dog’s space — no matter how irresistibly gorgeous your dog is.

The vest harness is light and comfortable for your dog to wear. It’s padded to prevent your dog’s skin from chaffing from wearing the vest too often. It also has adjustable straps to make it fit your dog perfectly. 

Not to mention, this water-proof harness comes with metal loops to attach your dog’s leash making it one of the best things you can buy to help a blind dog.

3. A Drinking Water Fountain

Just like sighted dogs, blind dogs also need to stay hydrated. But because of their condition, it can be hard for them to find their water source if the water is silently sitting in a bowl.

When a dog loses their vision, their sense of hearing and smell will be more enhanced to compensate for the lack of sight.

A water fountain like the Drinkwell fountain (view on Amazon) is a terrific product for a blind dog as it taps on their hearing senses. The trickling fresh-water noise from the fountain will make it easier for your blind dog to locate their water source.

This fountain is highly durable and can serve you for years if taken good care of. It comes with a carbon filter and plastic pre-filter that removes impurities from your dog’s water.  

The fountain’s capacity can hold water that will last your dog several days, so your dog won’t miss the water’s trickling sound. 

And as much as it is strong enough to remain in place in case your dog accidentally knocks it, it’s often advisable to place a non-slip mat underneath any pet water fountain.

4. Blind Dog ID Tag

Like every other blind dog owner, you’d want to sleep soundly at night knowing your dog could be traced back to you in the event they go missing. 

Getting a blind dog ID tag (view on Amazon) is one of the best things for a blind dog and a great way to ensure your blind dog’s safety. This aluminum-made tag, which has a strong polymer coating, displays a readable printed text of your dog’s disability.

The best part? It’s a two-sided custom tag. 

In other words, you can customize the tag’s color (and message font) at the front as well engrave your contact details and other personalized text on the back of the tag. 

The engraved information will never fade away, thanks to the protective polymer coating.   

This ID tag has a split ring for easy attachment to your dog’s collar or harness. It also isn’t heavy on the neck despite being made of a highly durable metal (aluminum).

5. A GPS Dog tracker

By far one of the best products for blind dogs is this life-saving device as far as your pet’s safety is concerned. 

It’s not unusual for blind dogs to wander away from home.  If this ever happens to your dog, a GPS dog tracker (view on Amazon) will help you track and find them much faster. 

You simply attach this small, water-proof device to your dog’s harness or collar, link it to your phone, and that’s it! You will be able to track your dog’s real-time location through your phone. 

You may be tempted to try other affordable Bluetooth trackers, but their lower accuracy and limited range won’t help that much if your blind dog wanders away to a far location. 

With a GPS dog tracker, you’re guaranteed accurate location alerts and the advantage of unlimited range.

6. The Talking Babble Ball

There’s no greater joy than watching your blind dog having mad fun with a toy without you directing them to it or throwing it at them.  

Imagine a toy that talks to your dog, makes different exciting animal sounds when touched or in motion, keeps your dog entertained for hours on end, and makes them feel as though they have a real playmate who’s always ready to play? 

You will find all those amazing toy qualities in the Babble Ball (view on Amazon).

With this battery-powered toy, your blind dog can kiss boredom goodbye. Something as simple as walking past the toy, breathing on it, or touching it is enough to set the ball in motion. 

Your dog will enjoy chasing after it in an open space, which is also a great way for them to exercise. Talk of healthy fun!  

7. Snuffle Mat

The last of my things for a blind dog is this mat. Just as with sighted dogs, mental stimulation is necessary for every blind dog. 

Anything that excites your blind dog’s sense of smell will draw their interest since they rely heavily on this sense to explore their sightless world.

The Snuffle Mat (view on Amazon) is more like a “work-to-eat” dog toy that seeks to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Yes, sniffing repeatedly across the mat to find hidden treat crumbles is “work.” 

Blind dogs enjoy this “work” more since it engages their sense of smell — that’s why they love using snuffle mats. 

As your dog sniffs across the mat, their brain will be working to analyze the interesting treat smells on the mat. That’s mental stimulation for you! 

A snuffle mat seems like a pretty basic interactive toy, but it will take your blind dog’s mental stimulation to a whole new level. These snuffle mat-sponsered mental workouts will ensure your blind dog isn’t a victim of prolonged boredom and anxiety.

Final thoughts… 

No one’s said it’s easy-peasy. But no one said it’s the hardest thing ever, either. I’m talking about caring for a blind dog. Sight is an important sense for dogs, no doubt. But being born blind or developing blindness later in life doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end for your dog.

It’s easy to assume that when your dog goes blind, they’ll go from terrorizing squirrels in the yard to spending their days sitting miserably in a corner and not making the most out of life. In this modern day and age? 

No way.

And did I mention how incredibly resilient dogs are? A blind dog will quickly rise above their visual disability if they’ve got all the love and support they need.

And that can include making sure they have all the things a blind dog needs.

I hope the list helps!

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