Pug Scooting & Bum Dragging: Causes & Solutions

Pug Scooting

Whilst it might be funny to see your Pug rubbing or dragging his bum along the floor, he’s not doing it for comedy and could be leaving a nasty mess on the carpet! If you have ever wondered what it means when your Pug is scooting across the floor, I’ve got the full low down for you.

Before that though, whether you refer to this behavior as bum dragging, spinning shuffles, carpet surfing, or tail scooting, they all point to something not being right. Pugs can’t quite reach their own bums, so if they have a rear-end problem, scooting across the floor will often be their own form of relief!

Why is my Pug scooting? Pugs will drag and scoot their bums on floors and carpets for a range of reasons. These include allergies, anal gland impaction, dirt, debris, infections, itches, or even parasites. As they cannot reach their butts, it’s their way of getting comfort or pain relief.

Bum scooting is something that dogs of all ages and genders will do. It’s not just a male Pug thing, with females and puppies being just as guilty of bum drags, shuffles, or those funny spinning circles to get relief to their backsides.

Pug bum dragging and scooting problems

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the most likely reasons for bum dragging and scooting. The first 3 tend to be the most probable. But… there will be other possibilities for Pug scooting and bum dragging that could be more serious.

If in any doubt, always consult with a professional vet. I am not a vet, just an experienced dog owner who’s seen a lot of this before!

pug bum dragging
Why your Pug keeps dragging a bum on the floor could be a for a wide range of reasons (Image copyright C Bustrillos on Unsplash.com)

1. Anal sac / anal gland infection or impacting

Pugs have two anal glands either side of their butt. Anal glands are grape-sized, but don’t taste as nice! They produce a foul smelly fluid that Pug’s use to mark their territory and identify each other.

This works simply; when they poop, their unique smell is on the feces due to a small secretion from the anal glands. This means other dogs can learn a lot about them with a few sniffs.

Unfortunately, your Pug’s anal glands are prone to pain, becoming impacted and very sore. Impaction is when blockages occur, leading to infections and possible abscesses.

Because your dog’s anal glands hurt, your Pug will start scooting his bum on carpet, grass, or flooring to relieve the irritation of swelling and infection.


  • Butt scooting and dragging.
  • Nasty smell (can be described as fishy).
  • Constipation.

Treatment or prevention

  • Consult with your vet.
  • Anal glands can be expressed by a vet or owner.
  • More fiber added to your Pug’s diet.
  • Antibiotics if an infection.
  • Potential surgery in more serious cases.

Anal gland infections are very common in Pugs and some owners will help their dog out by expressing the fluid manually, to avoid blockages. It’s quite a grim job, and something vets can do instead!

You might also want to consider a certain treat you can buy on Amazon which is said to support health anal glands, reducing the chances of infections. It’s called the Scoot Bar (view on Amazon) and is made with natural ingredients.

2. Fecal contamination / something stuck on their butt

It could be that your Pug is scratching their bum on the floor due to some poop left behind, creating an itchy butt. Pugs find is hard to clean their own backside so will often resort to dragging along the floor.

A lot of scooting will happen after your Pug has suffered with diarrhea. It can stick to their bums, becoming dry and irritable, and almost unbearable without being itched and rubbed.


  • Butt scooting and dragging.
  • Visible fecal matter around the butt.


  • Trim away any matted hair from the butt.
  • Clean with warm water and disposable pet-friendly wipes.

When you see a Pug spinning on his bum and pulling himself along whilst scooting to get rid of stuck on poop, you don’t want this dragged along your prized carpets!

3. Allergies on their backside

Your Pug could also be scooting his bum due to an allergy in that areas. The Pug breed are renowned as coming with more health issues than average, with food, seasonal, and skin allergies being very common – even bites from insects can flare something up.

When you see them tail dragging on the carpet, it’s probably your Pug’s special way of itching his allergies, giving some relief to the scratchy spot.

Possible allergies are something only your vet can check for.

4. Parasites / worms

Then there’s the rather grim possibility of worms of parasites, both of which will cause Pugs to drag their butts. Worms that can cause this include tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

Your Pug will get a parasitical infection usually after accidently eating worm eggs. These can be present in things like other animal poop, infected animals they eat, and fleas.


  • Butt scooting and dragging.
  • You will see small white worms that will wiggle around the anus.
  • Blood-tinged stools.
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss and change in appetite.


  • Consult with your vet.
  • Oral or injected medication.

5. Skin, bladder, or UTI infections

Your Pug can also have an itchy bum due to bacterial and yeast infections. Your Pug can also scoot along the floor due to bladder infections and UTIs.

6. Painful wound or trauma

Pugs can also start dragging and scooting after an injury to the rear area. They might have hurt themselves, so take a look for any small wounds around the butt.

Not all wounds are visible though, it could be an internal injury, or more seriously; tumor. This will usually take the form of a swollen area, discharge, and inflammation.

7. Rectal prolapse

A serious health condition that is more common in younger Pugs, is a rectal prolapse. If you have a Pug puppy scooting, it’s worth considering, but it’s still quite rare. There’s more detailed information on it available on the DogTime.com website.

A rectal prolapse occurs when a small piece of your Pug’s intestine pokes out of the bum. It can even happen if your dog has strained hard when pooping – look out for a fleshy object poking out – if so, seek immediate vet’s advice.

8. Behavioral or neurological problems

The final reasons why your Pug scoots his bum on the floor could be a neurological problem or behavioural issue. Studies found that stress can lead to dog’s chasing their own tails, with brain injuries also leading to tingling feelings in their butts… making them want to scoot.

I’ve also read online forums from dog owners, with one person relating the story of Pug spinning around in circles after having an operation on their spine.

How to stop a Pug scooting on the carpet

Your only option is to treat the cause, not the symptom. By doing so, you can stop your Pug scratching his bum on the floor – unless of course, it’s related to a neurological issue that could be untreatable.

  1. Take a look at the bum area to see if there’s anything out the ordinary.
  2. If you see poop, wipe it off.
  3. If you see anything else odd seek professional veterinary advice.
  4. If your Pug hasn’t had worming treatment, get that sorted.
  5. If it’s an anal sac problem, they may need to be expressed.
  6. Never tell your Pug off for scooting – they won’t understand why.

Dog scooting treatments

You can also buy scooting remedies on websites such as Amazon. Designed to help with anal gland issues, you won’t need an expensive vet prescription for these. You might also want to consider a cream to use on a dog’s sore bum.

Probiotic supplements

Either supplements or food that are fortified with probiotics are said to help empty dog’s anal glands easier, reducing irritation.

One of the more popular brands is Purina who sell their FortiFlora product. You can read the Amazon reviews here.

Scoot bars

I mentioned these earlier, but they are worth a second look. You can buy them on Amazon.

The reason pumpkin is good for Pugs that scoot is due to the soluble and insoluble fiber. This can help make stools pass easier, plus reduce anal gland inflammation.

Dog friendly antibacterial wipes

Dried poop is the most common reason your Pug scoots. You will need a dog-friendly wet wipe that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

There are some highly rated ones on Amazon designed for dog butts and anal glands.

When to call the vet

Unless you see something that is really quick and simple to resolve – such as dried poop – you should always consult with a vet. This is absolutely essential if the scooting carries on for longer than what seems like usual – e.g. becoming persistent over the course of a couple of days.


That concludes all of the reasons I can think of for why your Pug scoots. Nine times out of ten it will be for very simple reasons such as a dirty butt… not pleasant, but easy enough to remedy!

Whilst it is very funny to see your Pug do this, don’t just laugh or tell them off, but instead take a closer look to see what the reason is. It could be something more serious!

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