What to Get Your Friend When Their Dog Dies

What to Get Your Friend When Their Dog Dies

Anyone who’s ever lost their beloved dog knows too well the deep void these wonderful companions leave behind. If your friend is grieving their dog’s death, you might wonder what to get them to express your sympathy and help them cope with the loss. 

There are many things you can consider getting your friend when their dog dies. These include a sympathy card (along with flowers), a pet memorial stone, a portrait of their dog, a comfort food basket, a custom shadow box, and a book on pet loss. 

All are shown below, as well as other meaningful gifts you can get your grieving friend to comfort them as you commemorate their dog.

What to give a friend who lost their dog?

Dogs are our ride-or-die companions, snuggle bugs, walking buddies, source of profound joy and comfort, and, to top it all: the epitome of unconditional love.  

If you’ve got a friend whose dog just passed away, there’s no doubt they’re going through one of the darkest times in their life. It can be hard trying to figure out what to get your friend when their dog dies.

The good news is, there are many touching ways to make your friend feel cared for and supported as they grieve their dearly departed dog — gifting being one of them. 

Here are various well-thought-out gift ideas that will offer your grieving friend much-needed consolation and help them through the healing process.

1. Sympathy card with flowers

Forget text messages. Sending your friend a handwritten sympathy card along with flowers is a more thoughtful way to express your condolences and support after their dog dies. 

This gift will serve as a physical reminder of your love and support to your friend during this difficult period. 

A blank sympathy card is the best choice here. But even if you pick one that already has a printed message (like these on Amazon), personalize it with your own words on the extra blank spaces.

Not sure what sympathy message to include in the card? Try any of these three ideas:

Firstly, express a genuine feeling about your friend’s dog, and include any fond memories you ever created with the dog. Here are some examples…

“I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet is never easy, and I know how much your dog meant to you. I remember when he used to nibble your ear whenever you wanted to watch a. movie. Please know that I am here for you and am thinking of you during this difficult time.”

“I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you without your dog, but please know that you are not alone. I am here to listen and offer my support as know how much you loved and adored her.”

“Your dog brought so much joy and love into your life and others, me included. He will always be remembered as a special part of your family. Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss.”

Secondly, an uplifting pet loss quote or poem will also give your friend a sense of comfort amidst the pain. The internet is filled with these quotes and poems. Here’s one example:

A faithful companion, now at rest, 
Your dog brought joy to your very best.

In life, he was there through thick and thin,
A loyal friend till the very end.

Though he’s gone, his memory remains,
A love that will last through life’s endless strains.

Take comfort in knowing he’s at peace,
And hold onto the love that will never cease.

With heartfelt condolences for your loss, 
May the memories of your dog always come with a soft and gentle toss.

Thirdly, perhaps make a donation to your friend’s favorite dog welfare charity or shelter and include your act of kindness in the card. It will warm your friend’s heart to know you’re memorializing their dog while saving another one through your donation.  

2. Create a photo album of their dog

Another way to comfort your friend after their dog dies is to highlight their dog’s well-lived life through a photo album. 

If your friend has photos of their dog on social media, you can use them to create a beautiful photo album full of memories they can hold on to.  

You can also reach out to their family member to see if they have photos of your friend’s dog.

Your friend may initially have a hard time revisiting their dog’s life. But as days go by, they’ll be grateful they have an album that captures the heartwarming memories they had with their dog over the years — thanks to you. 

3. Personalized pet memorial wind chime

Even though your friend’s dog is gone forever, you can still keep their presence alive by getting your friend a pet memorial wind chime like this on Amazon

And the good thing is, you can customize the wind chime by engraving your friend’s dog’s name, photo, and a text of remembrance. 

Whichever place your friend chooses to hang the chime, this thoughtful gift will comfort them as they feel their dog’s presence each day — one peaceful wind chime sound at a time.  

4. Comfort food basket

The passing of a dog makes a grief-struck dog owner feel like nothing will ever feel great again. They may even skip meals. But you can remind them what always tastes great — food.

A good way to comfort your friend feel after their dog dies is to get them a basket packed with their favorite snacks or a few delicious meals they love. 

The small pleasure of eating their favorite goodies will distract them from their distressing thoughts as they enjoy the delicious taste of these snacks.  

5. Self-care gift package

Another thing you can get a friend when their dog dies is a self-care package. During times of intense sadness — like after a dog’s passing — it’s easy for the bereaved dog owner to forget to take care of themselves. 

Gifting your friend a self-care package is a unique way to uplift their spirits and help them take a small break from the emotionally draining thoughts. 

Some simple items you can include in this package are aromatherapy candles, soothing bath salts, assorted herbal teas (the herbs in herbal teas have a calming effect), and a journal.

6. Personalized pet memorial stone

A pet memorial stone is a special way to comfort your friend as you honor their dog’s life. They will be glad to know they have a lasting memory of their dog. 

They can place this memorial stone somewhere outdoors where their dog loved to spend time. 

Pet memorial stone makers also allow you to personalize the stone, so you can request for it to be engraved with a personalized heartfelt text and graphics. This will make the memorial stone as unique as your friend’s dog. 

7. Personalized shadow box

Dogs also have belongings just as we humans do — their leash, favorite toy, printed photos, dog accessories, and other stuff. 

Your friend may want to hold onto these items forever. Or keep the items safe for memory purposes until they decide what to do with them (like donating, throwing away, or recycling). 

A shadow box, which you can personalize by including your friend’s dog’s name, photo, and a comforting message, is a perfect remembrance gift for your grieving friend as they will be able to assemble some of their dog’s favorite items in one place.

Handy Hint: I looked into what the law says about burying your dog in your own backyard.

8. A pet loss book

If you’re struggling with finding the right words to make your friend feel deeply comforted, consider getting them a book about pet bereavement.  

pet loss book (view on Amazon) acts more like a comforting hug from someone who understands what it feels like to lose a dog. 

Your friend will find comfort in knowing there’s someone (the author) who relates to what they feel. They will be grateful they have a sympathetic guide on how to cope with their dog’s death at a time when healing seems impossible.  

9. Personalized pet memorial jewelry piece

Nothing can keep the memory of your friend’s dog close to the heart quite like a personalized piece of jewelry. 

You can get your friend a personalized necklace or bracelet that bears their dog’s name or a photo. They will appreciate that they’ll get to carry their dog’s memories with them everywhere they go — no matter where life takes them.

10. Portrait of their dog

When our dogs die, they still hold a special place in our hearts. Gifting your friend a portrait of their departed dog is a great way to show you care and commemorate their dog. 

Your friend will want to keep their dog alive in their heart and seeing their portrait hanging in the house will make this possible for them.   


Nice things to do when someone loses a pet

You can send your loved one flowers along with a sympathy card, gift them a comfort food basket, create a photo album for their pet, gift them a self-care gift package, a customized pet wind chime, or a personalized pet memorial jewelry piece.

What can I do for a friend whose dog died?

You can gift your friend thoughtful items like a sympathy card with flowers, a comfort food basket, a self-care gift package, a pet loss book, a personalized pet wind chime, a customized pet memorial stone, or a portrait of their dog.

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