Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking

If you have a dog that won’t stop barking, or perhaps your neighbor’s pet is barking constantly at night, it’s no wonder you’re full of anxiety, and possibly even anger about it. It’s only natural that you want to know whether dogs get sick of barking or not.

This guide explains whether dogs ever get tired of barking, what you as an owner can do, and what you can do if it’s your neighbor’s dog making all the noise. Here’s the short answer first though.

Do dogs get tired of barking? Dogs never get tired of barking, but in one barking session (for example at night), they might start to bark less and will eventually get tired of barking and stop. But this will only happen once they are physically tired, exhausted, and injured from barking that they can no longer bark at all.

Yes, you read that right. Dogs will only get tired of barking once they are happy that they no longer need to bark anymore, e.g., the reason for their barking has been answered. Alternatively, they will stop barking once physically exhausted or sick from the act, or even injured.

Dogs can get sore throats from barking too much. Excessive barking over a prolonged period can result in damage to the dog’s vocal cords, resulting in laryngitis where the larynx inflames and becomes sore, plus a hoarse bark.

To stop the dog from barking, we need to get at the root of the issue. That and more is explained below.

Do dogs ever get tired of barking
It’s rare for dogs to get tired from barking.

Do dogs ever get tired of barking?

Your guide to why dogs don’t get tired of barking

If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you’ve had times where your canine companion decides to showcase their barking prowess. It can make you anxious, but not as anxious as the dog is (and possibly your neighbors are too).

Plus, if you live in a neighborhood full of dogs, there may be days you randomly hear dogs barking in turns, or worse, at the same time. Endless, irritating, barking – it’s almost like a contest.

If you’re wondering whether dogs can get tired of barking, the answer yes, but only once they are physically exhausted… and that can take a long time to get to.

Dogs don’t tire of barking, contrary to what many think. It’s their only way of communicating, so it comes naturally to them. They can bark for attention, when anxious, when excited, and to get you to come to them. Here’s what say:

“They are calling their group to get help with something they are not confident they can handle on their own. This doesn’t mean a barking dog is always frightened. He may just be very excited. He badly needs the family to know that there is a stranger coming to the door, or another dog coming close to the house.”

Think of it this way.

We can talk for minutes or even hours without getting tired, right? That’s because talking, for us, is in-born. We do it effortlessly, without having to strain.

In the same way, dogs don’t get tired or sick of barking. That’s why your canine friend can bark non-stop without even realizing they’ve been at it for hours.

You’ll give them the side eye, hoping they’ll stop. But nothing!

They’ll carry on as if to let you know, “Don’t mind me. I’m just trying to get my message across!”

In most cases, a dog will stop barking when you grant their non-verbal requests. So, if that means barking for 20 minutes straight or almost the entire night to finally get a response from you, that’s exactly what your canine best friend will do.

Yep, you heard that right. Dogs don’t even get tired of barking at night… some will even start barking at night for no reason at all!

Barking is also the language of communication from dog to dog. This explains why you may hear a group of dogs barking endlessly. While you might have zero clue about what they’re saying to one another, simply assume they have a lot to tell each other!

To understand this a bit better we need to look at the reasons why dogs bark persistently, rather than just here and there.

dog barking
It takes a lot of to stop them barking… (

Why does my dog bark all the time?

Please note that dogs don’t bark continuously for no apparent reason. There’s always an underlying cause why your furry friend may decide to annoy you (unintentionally, of course) with their excessive barking.

Let’s go through some of these possible reasons:

1. Your dog wants your attention

Dogs are notorious for barking continuously when they want to win their owner’s attention. When your dog wants you to drop everything else to spend time with them, they’ll resort to barking… and might never get tired of doing so!

It’s advisable not to give in immediately. Instead, give them the attention they want when they’ve at least calmed down. So that means ignore your canine friend first.

Don’t make it a habit of responding to your dog’s attention demands the minute they start barking. That’s because they’ll think you choosing to immediately play with them or pet them is the reward they get for barking.

As a result, excessive barking will become a habit.

2. Your dog is hungry or thirsty

Thirst or hunger can suddenly turn your quiet canine friend into a barking champion.

3. Your dog is trying to say “hello”

Your dog may be barking because they’ve seen a familiar face in the house and want to pass their greetings.

By the way, here’s what might happen if dogs ever learn to talk instead of barking.

4. Your dog wants to go outside (or come inside)

If your canine buddy wants you to open the door so they can spend their day outdoors, they may bark persistently to make their demand known.

Similarly, if a dog has been left out all day they won’t stop barking until you let them back in.

5. Your dog is trying to alert you

A dog can bark non-stop if they’ve spotted a stranger, something unusual around the house, or an entertaining activity outside (through the window). It’s their way of telling you to check out the “mystery” or threat they’ve discovered.

It might even be that your dog is barking to tell you a tornado is coming.

6. Your dog is marking their territory

Your dog may be barking because someone or a fellow pet has invaded their space, and they don’t like that. At all.

7. Your dog is bored and / or lonely

If your dog is bored to the core or feels like they’re missing some form of human contact, they might bark continuously until someone they trust shows up.

This is probably the number one time you will get complaints about your dog never getting tired of barking.

8. Your dog is keeping in touch with his fellow canine mates

Your furry friend might start woofing relentlessly in solidarity with your next-door neighbor’s dog, who’s been barking for a while. Dogs will understand another dog’s bark due to the tone and pitch, so will get a reasonable idea on what the barking means.

Do dogs get sick of barking too much?

Well, yes, they can make themselves sick from barking too much. This research shows it’s possible for a dog that barks excessively (all the time) to develop irritation in the throat, and even collapse.

“If the swelling obstructs the airways, affected dogs may be unable to cool themselves down in hot weather; a significant rise in temperature is not uncommon. Untreated animals with significant obstruction eventually collapse.”

The same research also reveals that if prolonged barking becomes a norm, this might inflame a dog’s vocal cords in the throat region, leading to a condition known as laryngitis.

However, excessive barking is rarely a major cause of this condition. It’s only considered a potential trigger.

How to stop a dog from barking

That said, here are a few ways that can help your dog reduce their excessive barking:

  • Make sure your canine friend has plenty of exciting toys in the house to keep them busy during the day.
  • Engage your dog in exercises regularly. Physical activity will make them exhausted, and they’ll be too lazy to bark for your attention.
  • Get your dog into a scheduled mealtime and playtime routine to ensure they are well fed at the correct time and don’t feel lonely.
  • Train your dog to stop barking. This is where ignoring your furry friend’s barking (particularly when they want their attention) comes in. I’ve previously written about how to stop a dog barking at the TV which will help.
  • Ignore them, and while at it, issue commands like “quiet” or “stop” without raising your voice at them. Then, reward them with a tasty treat when they calm down. By doing so repeatedly, they’ll eventually get the idea that barking won’t make them win your attention, and that keeping quiet is followed by a reward.
  • Draw your curtains at night. This will reduce the chances of your dog barking excessively at night should they notice something through the window.

All in all, don’t punish or yell at your dog for barking uncontrollably. You’ll only startle them, causing them to bark more.

If your dog’s excessive barking goes on despite trying almost anything under the sun to curb the issue, it might be time for you to seek professional guidance.

For example, if you really have exhausted everything, and you dog does not get tired of barking, this scientific paper could help. Titled the “Assessment and Treatment of Excessive Barking in the Domestic Dog”, it states:

“Barking is a normal behavior in the domestic dog, but it can become a problem when excessive. Understanding the motivation of the nuisance barking dog is the first step in devising a treatment plan. The use of behavior modification techniques with or without medication is discussed. Recommendations for prevention of the problem also are outlined.”

What to do when your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking?

The American Kennel Club give the following advice of what to do when a neighborhood dog won’t stop barking.

  1. Firstly, try to talk to the neighbors to resolve the barking. Do it face to face.
  2. Be proactive. If the dog barks when he sees you in your yard, can you block his view of you?
  3. If the dog thinks you are threat, can you make friends with him.
  4. If nothing works, resort to filing a formal noise complaint.

Related questions

How long can a dog bark legally?

The law on dogs barking is different in the UK and United States. Here’s how it differs on how long a dog can bark before you can get the law involved.

United Kingdom

If a dog is excessively barking, you can submit what’s called a Nuisance Compliant according to the Dog Law website.

“Whilst there is no set definition as to what constitutes nuisance barking, owners can find themselves in a legal dispute over the matter. As a general rule, it will be regarded as a statutory nuisance if the noise is of a character which makes it intrusive or irritating. Factors taken into account in making this assessment include: the volume of the barking, the duration of the barking, the time of day in which the barking takes place.”

United States

ABC News reported that:

“An ordinance passed in 2010, said dogs could bark for up to 20 consecutive minutes before a neighbor could issue a complaint. That was revised recently so that neighbors can file a complaint if a dog is making excessive noise for 10 minutes during the day and only five minutes at night.”

Why don’t dogs get tired of barking?

As mentioned earlier, dogs don’t get tired of barking since it’s their natural way of communicating.

How long does it take for a dog get tired of barking?

There’s no exact time frame for a dog to get tired of barking. A dog will bark for as long as it likes, or until it’s physically exhausted. But most importantly, until you respond to the request they’re trying to put across.

Is it okay to ignore your dog barking?

Yes, it’s okay to ignore your dog’s barking, especially if it’s a case of them demanding your attention. If you give in every time, your dog will think that the only way to win your attention is through barking non-stop.

Do dogs get tired of barking at night?

Not really. As stated before, dogs don’t strain because barking comes naturally to them,

Do dogs get annoyed by barking?

A dog doesn’t get annoyed by barking. Instead, they bark because they are annoyed about something. For instance, a stranger or another pet invading their space


It’s common to hear our canine friends bark for a long time. Five minutes of barking can turn to 15, 20 minutes — and before you know it, you’ve already lost count. By the time they stop, there’s only one question lingering in your mind, “Don’t they ever get tired?

You might even find yourself low-key wishing our furry friends had a knob you could simply switch off to make them shush once and for all.

I’ve made this silent wish several times!

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