What to Do with Dog Poop Until Garbage Day

What to Do with Dog Poop Until Garbage Day

I love owning my dogs, but it comes with some negative points. Picking up their poop is the by far the biggest downside. Speaking of which, aside from their daily walks, we also let our dogs out in the backyard regularly. 

This comes at a cost, as I need to pick the poop up and then store it somewhere until garbage day. In this guide, I will explain what to do with dog poop until trash day and how to store it.

There are several things you can do with dog poop until garbage day. I put my dog’s poop in eco-friendly poop bag and leave in an outdoor trash can with a secured lid. You could also buy an odor-proof pet waste station to store dog poop in. 

However, if the idea of storing poop until garbage day isn’t something you fancy doing, you could consider other dog poop disposal methods such as flushing or composting.

Whilst you now know what I do with dog poop until garbage day, I wanted to explain the methods above, and more, so you can choose a disposal method that suits you best.    

How to store dog poop until garbage day

While we can train dogs to do all manner of things, teaching them to clean up their poop mess isn’t one of them. But don’t I wish it was!

Picking up dog poop is the least glamorous responsibility for dog parents. But it must be done. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies dog stool as hazardous waste. If left sitting on the ground, dog poop can contaminate groundwater, get carried to water sources when it rains, attract flies, and stink up your outdoor space to high heaven. 

Worse is, dog poop can be a source of diseases for you and your family. If left it could take up to a year to decompose!

By keeping your yard dog poop-free until trash and garbage day, you’ll be doing the environment (and your neighbor’s nose) a huge favor!

But what next after scooping the poop? Particularly if garbage day is a couple of days away? 

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do with dog poop until garbage day so that it’s stored with minimum fuss and smell. 

And no, dumping it in the nearest storm drain isn’t an option. 

Most drains connect directly with a water source. Having your dog’s poop in there would likely be the worst pollutant to ever happen to that water source.  

That said, here are your options of where to store dog poop until trash day:

1. Store the poop in an eco-friendly trash bag

Almost all dog owners are familiar with this storage tactic. It’s the easiest way to store dog poop until trash day.  

Whilst regular plastic bags can also get the job done, for the sake of the environment, it’s better to use biodegradable poop bags. These ones slowly decompose into harmless material while in the landfill – some are even perfumed! 

You’ll find biodegradable trash bags in almost all stores, but I love these ones on Amazon.

When you dispose of dog poop in your backyard in a trash bag, always leave the bag sealed by tying a tight knot at the top. This will prevent flies, parasites, and the gag-worthy dog poop stench from escaping. 

Also, place the bagged poop in a trash can with a tight lid to keep it secure before garbage day. 

Throwing dog poop directly into a trash bin with no liner isn’t a great idea for two reasons. One, you’ll be forced to transfer the rotting poop into a bag when garbage day arrives. 

And two, you’ll have to clean your bin every other time. Talk of double trouble!   

Handy Hint: Sprinkle a generous amount of a natural deodorizer like baking soda into the trash bag each time you throw in the poop. This will help curb any stench. 

2. Invest in an odor-proof pet waste station

A pet waste station (view on Amazon) acts like a trash bin but has more advanced features to trap dog poop odors before garbage day comes. 

These waste stations are portable and come with several leak-proof poop bags. You only need to scoop your dog’s poop, throw it in the bag, and dump it in the waste station until trash day. 

Whilst you could store dog poop until garbage day, there are some other ways you can dispose it, as follows…

3. Flush your dog’s poop in the toilet

Getting rid of your dog’s poop doesn’t have to be too much work. You can flush it down the toilet. The EPA also endorses this disposal method (view source).

“Pet waste left anywhere is a potential public health risk. Pet waste on playing fields, sidewalks, or parks can be unhealthy and messy. Even at home, responsible pet owners should throw pet waste in the trash or flush it down the toilet to prevent water pollution associated with bacteria laden waste.”

Once you scoop up your dog’s poop, dump it directly into the toilet. Make sure there are no leaves, stones, or sticks on the poop, unless you cherish your plumber’s company. 

You should never toss your dog’s poop in the toilet when it’s inside a regular plastic bag, no matter how small the bag is. 

If you must throw your dog’s bagged poop in the toilet, the bag should be a flushable poop bag. These special bags are readily available and are designed to be flushed.   

4. Invest in a dog septic tank to dissolve your dog’s poop

Many think that burying dog poop is okay. But it’s not. The nasty parasites will remain in the soil for years and can be a health hazard and source of pollution — especially during rainy days. 

Also, dissolving dog poop in your yard using household products like diluted vinegar and bleach isn’t recommended. Reason? The poop won’t break down instantly.

It will remain in the open for a while, and some poop traces will linger on the ground for many months after your dissolving efforts.  

If you intend to dissolve your dog’s poop in the yard, consider getting a dog septic tank (see video below). It’s a worthwhile investment since it will break down your dog’s poop in the safest way possible. 

You need to bury this small tank in a hole according to the manufacturer’s instructions (typically, the tank part will be under the soil and the lid above the ground). 

Then, throw your dog’s poop in the tank, add water and an enzymatic digester, and that’s it! 

The poop will break down into a harmless, odor-free liquid that will slowly seep into the ground without causing health and environmental risks. 

5. Composting your dog’s poop

Composting your dog’s waste correctly is an efficient way to eliminate it and means you don’t need to worry about what to do with dog poop until garbage day.

If you’ve got enough space in your yard for a composter, you can turn your dog’s poop into something positive. 

And by positive, I mean composting it to make fertilizer for your flower bed or non-edible potted plants. You shouldn’t use dog poop as fertilizer without composting first because, in its raw form, it’s full of harmful parasites and is highly acidic. 

Composting makes it more soil-friendly — though you should never use dog waste compost in soils where you’ve planted vegetables or anything consumable.

If setting up a proper composting unit seems like a ton of work, you can find a professional to do it for you. 

6. Try dog poop disposal services 

Do you fancy the idea of getting rid of your dog’s poop without having to scoop it up yourself? 

A dog poop service can turn your wish into reality. It’s better to engage professionals to clean up your dog’s poop regularly rather than leave it on the ground to rot away for as long as it takes. 

While this service may not be available everywhere since it’s still a new thing, you can research online to see if you’ll find a business within your area offering the service.

One last (important) thing…

Before you go off and use these tips, I just wanted to make you aware of one last thing. When you pick up your dog’s poop you might occasionally see things in it, you don’t expect. Here are guides to how serious all those might be:

FAQs on storing dog poop

Is it illegal to put dog poop in the garbage?

No, it’s not illegal to put dog poop in your garbage, as it can go in general waste, but make sure it’s secured in another bag. 

What can I do with all the dog poop?

You can store it in a degradable poop bag or pet waste station before garbage day. You can also flush it in the toilet (in small quantities), dissolve it in a dog septic tank, or use it to make compost.

Can I put my dog’s poop in the bin?

Yes, that’s right. You can throw your dog’s poop in the trash bin. But it’s best to secure it in a trash bag before tossing it in a bin and closing the lid.

Can I throw dog poop in the drain?

No, you shouldn’t. Dumping dog poop in the drain will contaminate the water source that the drain connects to.

What dissolves dog poop in the yard?

As discussed earlier, it’s safer to dissolve your dog’s poop in a dog septic tank with an enzymatic digester.  

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