How to Relieve Dog Period Cramps: 8 Tips to Help Heat Pain

How to Relieve Dog Period Cramps

When your dog is in season and heat, she could suffer from period cramps. Whilst a female dog’s period cramps should not be intensely painful, they can be uncomfortable, and you might notice she’s feeling it. If that’s the case, there are some ways you can help dog period cramps.

How do you relieve dog period cramps? You can help and relieve your dog’s period cramps with things like a hot water bottle in her bed, comforting words and company, a soft massage, calming music, and emotional support. Do not relieve dog menstrual cramps with human pain killers.

Relieving your dog’s period cramps your dog’s period cramps involves trying different remedies to reduce any stress and anxiety they are experience when cramping.

Besides providing your dog with a heating pad (view on Amazon) or hot water bottle, you can also consider massaging them, increasing playtime, playing calming music, and offering them extra attention and emotional support.

There’s more to it than just giving them a nice toy and some warmth. Below are 8 tips you can try to help your dog in pain when in heat.

How do you comfort a dog in heat with period cramps?

Here are 8 useful tips on how you can help a dog with period cramps.

1. Place a dog-specific heating pad under your dog’s belly

When your dog is lying down with her back arched, you can place a heating pad underneath her belly for a few minutes (and in intervals).

Applying heat to your pooch’s body will help relax her uterine muscle tissues. Heat will improve blood flow throughout your furry friend’s body, offering general body relief.

If you don’t have a self-warming pad (like this on Amazon). Don’t worry. You can use a hot water bottle or make a homemade hot pack.

It’s simple enough to do.

You only need to place a wet (and clean) kitchen towel in a microwave-safe freezer bag, then heat the bag in the microwave.

It’s best if you first wrap the hot pack, hot water bottle, or heating pad in another cloth (preferably your dog’s favorite blanket) so that it feels comfortably warm (and not burning hot) on your dog’s body.

2. Offer soothing massages

Another way to reduce dog period pain is by getting them to relax. It’s an uncomfortable time, so help them by giving them gentle massages. A good massage session can help her forget her cramping worries and release the negative emotions she might be feeling at that moment.

Most dogs in heat often feel stressed because they don’t understand why their bodies are acting so strangely. Gently massage her tension away.

Since your dog can’t voice whether they’re enjoying the massage or not, pay attention to how they react. You wouldn’t want to add more discomfort on top of what they’re already feeling.

If they close their eyes or make low grunts during the massage, that may mean you’re making them feel better. But if they pull away or start making whining sounds, they probably prefer no massages. Let her be.

3. Show her lots of affection when she asks for it

There’ll be times when your dog will want you to leave them alone as they cope with the period cramp pain. Other times, they may crave your presence more than anything.

Watch out for the clues so you can offer her emotional support when she needs it most.

If you notice her following you around the house or whining when you leave her sight, she simply wants you by her side. This support will help relieve the cramps (or at least, her having to think about them as much).

Take your time to pet her as you reassure her in soothing tones that everything will be fine. The extra attention and cuddles will make her feel calmer and safe at a time when they’re confused about what’s happening to their body.

4. Initiate playtime and walks

When your canine queen is dealing with cramps, try to divert her attention away from the discomfort.

One way you can relieve the period cramps is by having one-on-one play sessions with her and taking her on short walks (when she’s leashed, of course).

These play sessions and walks will also allow you two to bond more. The fun moments will take her cramping-related stress away.

Plus, when you keep your pooch active during their period, they’ll be too exhausted most of the time. That’s a good thing because more resting time means an opportunity for them to sleep and forget their discomfort.

5. Keep them entertained with toys

Again, the power of distraction.

Chew toys are to dogs what yoga is to humans. Just as yoga helps you keep calm and distracts you from negative emotions, chew toys have this same effect on dogs struggling with period cramps.

Handing your canine buddy interesting chew toys will give them an outlet to let go (through chewing) of the stress they might be having due to the cramps.

Even better, provide her with treat-stuffed toys. By doing so, you’ll be helping her direct all her attention on unpacking the hidden goodies in the toys, giving her less time to think about her cramping horror.

6. Play calming music

Let the sounds of relaxing music fill up your home. Researchers have discovered reggae and soft rock can calm down even the most stressed dogs.

So, who knows, playing music from these two genres might be what your dog needs to take their mind off the cramping distress.

7. Try acupuncture therapy

If you feel your dog needs more than just cuddles during this rough time, you can consider acupuncture. It’s safe and effective when done by a holistic vet.

Acupuncture improves blood flow in a dog’s body, ultimately relaxing any constricted muscles.

Also, it can stimulate your furry friend’s body to release natural anti-stress and pain-relieving chemicals called endorphins. The pain relief from acupuncture can ease your dog’s period cramps.

Talk to your vet about the options.

8. Pain medication

You can also opt for medication to help your dog’s period cramp pain. However, you shouldn’t buy and give her any over-the-counter drug without speaking to your vet first.

Medication is often the last option, though, since most dogs don’t experience unbearable pain when cramping. But if you do notice any extreme pain-like symptoms, be sure to reach out to your vet.

Help a dog with period pain by understanding how it works

Most female dog parents dread their dog’s heat season. And I can understand why. This is often one of those rare times when you’re tempted to think you don’t know your canine best friend anymore.

Their unpredictable behavior catches you off-guard, and the fact that they aren’t their usual self because of the cramps only saddens you more. You will be prepared to do anything to relieve your dog’s period cramps and pain… because the heat phase can be a nightmare, not just for your lovely pooch but also for you as an owner.

And it’s hard to simply cross your fingers and hope your dog gets through the heat cramps on her own. Like any other caring dog parent, you’ll feel the need to do something to help and relieve the discomfort.

When your un-spayed dog is in heat, there’s usually an overproduction and fluctuation of reproductive hormones in her body. These strong hormonal changes which occur to prepare your dog’s body for mating and pregnancy, cause the cramps.

Did You Know? Dogs that have been spayed can still get a period discharge.

The general acceptance is that dogs experience discomfort when period cramps kick in, but not agonizing pain. And if at all there’s pain, it’s often mild.

When your pooch has period cramps, she’ll exhibit symptoms that indicate she’s having a downtime. For instance:

  • Slight trembling.
  • Lack of appetite and possible constipation.
  • Arching her back when lying down.
  • Panting more than usual.
  • Constant whining.
  • Disinterest in daily activities.

Although there’s nothing you can do to completely relieve the pain of dog period cramps (since it’s a biological process that every un-spayed dog must go through), you can make the whole experience comfortable and less stressful for your furry friend.

Handy Hint: Vets say that dogs are at risk of a bacterial infection if they go swimming during their heat season.

FAQs on helping a dog with period cramps

Do female dogs feel pain during their period?

Female dogs often experience discomfort during period cramps, not unbearable pain. And if by chance, there’s pain, it’s quite mild. If you can comfort your dog in heat, it should help to mitigate any minor pain they feel.

Do female dogs whine when in heat?

Some female dogs will whing when in heat as whining is a common response to the discomfort caused by period cramps.

The whining when in heat isn’t just a response to minor pain, but can also occur due to the hormonal changes the female dog is going through, which can be confusing the first time it happens to them.

What to give my dog when she’s on her period?

When your dog is having her period, the best you can give them is your emotional support and comfort. Don’t administer any form of medication without consulting your vet first.


While being a parent to any dog is a huge responsibility, parenting a female canine comes with an extra challenge — caring for them when they’re dealing with heat symptoms. You can’t help but feel sorry for your adorable furry queen and wonder if there’s anything you can do or say to make her cramping experience less unpleasant.

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